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IF only we had time for everything.  This is a TOP PICK for value. 

Carnival only sails a Transatlantic when they build a new ship.   This may not happen for another 5+ years.

Check out Carnival Corporations NEWEST ship - the Horizon.  So new it is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  The ship will be finished in April of 2017.   They have 3-4 trips in the Mediteranian scheduled.   (BUCKET LIST:  Book the trip PRIOR Back-2-Back).    Then, set sail, with us:

Departs From Barcelona, Spain visiting Malaga (Granada), Spain >> Gibraltar (U.K.) >> Lisbon, Portugal >> Vigo, Spain >> Halifax, Nova Scotia >> New York, New York


MORE details  will follow.


For now, check out the construction at:


Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
Cruise Ship: Carnival Horizon
Destination: Transatlantic
Departs From: BCN
Departure Date: May 09, 2018
Itinerary: Barcelona, At Sea, Malaga, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Vigo, At Sea, At Sea, At Sea, At Sea, At Sea, At Sea, Halifax, At Sea, New York
Interior  $ 1029
Oceanview - Window  $ 1309
Balcony  $ 1769

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This is one of the best deals out there


14 nights.  7 fantastic ports of call to explore.


ALL accommodations.

ALL the food you could want - from 13 restaurants, a coffee shop, shake bar, and even room service.

Enjoy EVERY night out with SIX 25 hour long days!!!!  Yup an extra hour to party.

Gamble, Disco, Comedy Club, Nightly Shows, Piano Bar, Spa, Fitness, Gym, Sports, Theme nights, and MORE!!!


Check out the experience here: