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A fascinating and delightful dream vacation starts with Cruises Inc. For over 25 years, our Independent Vacation Specialists have sent millions of travelers to exotic places all over the world from the florescent sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean all the way to the spectacular radiance of the Mediterranean.

Whether you're planning a family reunion, a relaxing retreat or a lover's getaway, all of our Vacation Specialists will provide you with the best options around. Because we are a part of the largest vacation retailer in the United States, we don't only guarantee exceptional insider savings and special fares but we provide all of our customers with top-notch personal service every step of the way.

It is beyond our outstanding personal service and travel expertise that propels us as leaders in the travel industry. We are recognized for our award-winning commitment to excellence and our:

About Lynn & Rob Belles

Rob and Lynn Belles have been in the Architecture Business in Rockford Illinois for many years. During the slow construction season they always have time to travel. They have been all over the world with their family and without. In the winter of 2014 they decided to begin a new journey as Cruises Inc. travel agents so that they can share one of their greatest passions - International Cruise Travel! The Belles’ are seeking to dispel the thought that international travel is too expensive, to teach that through cruising anyone can go. They have cruised as a family many times taking their kids out of school to travel at the most affordable times of year.... They believe it is important to bring your family while you can - then bring yourselves. Now that the kids are grown they are moving on to the more exotic and luxurious voyages! Rob and Lynn's Mission - To utilize our specialized expertise as Architects & Travelers to help people travel together for the purpose of experiencing the Architecture and Cultures of the world so that we all might better understand and appreciate our similarities and differences. Because we know from experience that there is no substitute for being there! We can help you "Blueprint Your Next Vacation"TM and Teach you how to "Travel Like an Architect"TM